Catching up with the Frontend team


Here at Ampersand, our Frontend Development team is made up of a range of talented developers from junior through to principal level. Using Javascript as the framework along with React and CSS, our team works on a range of different projects using the Magento platform. We caught up with the team recently to see how they’re all doing! 

Are you working on anything exciting at the moment?

I’m reviewing and estimating the work required to build a new feature for one of our clients. I’m really enjoying getting stuck into the tasks as it’s the precursor to the development work i.e. the really fun stuff!

– Lyndsey, Principal Developer

What’s the most rewarding element of working on the frontend?

The most rewarding element of working on the frontend is the ability to see immediate results from your work. Compared to other technologies, frontend gives you this unique opportunity to make a difference by just changing one line of code and see it in a browser straight away. Another great thing is the constant learning, as frontend changes every day and you can never get bored.

– Alina, Senior Developer

What do you enjoy most about working as a frontend developer?

The thing I enjoy the most about being a Frontend Developer is actually what got me interested in the first place, which is the fact that changing just a few lines of code can have an instant impact. This started off with me simply adding a heading to a HTML file and viewing it on a browser, to now working in a team with a large codebase and lots of different technologies in play. I still get great satisfaction from making changes and seeing them working as expected, perhaps more so knowing that changes I’m making may be seen by millions of people!

In addition to this, since working at Ampersand, I’ve really enjoyed how collaborative the entire development process is, whether that’s getting feedback on my pull requests, reviewing pull requests myself or communicating with Back-End Developers to gather more information. All of this has helped my personal progression massively and gives me a sense that I’m learning something new each day.

– Jonny, Frontend Developer

How did you get into Frontend Development?

 I already had a good base in backend development, database design, project management and testing, thanks to my University. This led me to join programming courses for fun with fellow students from my university, I soon realised that I liked creating “magic” in apps! Compared to the backend, for me, the study of the frontend was more enjoyable as you can use your creativity and not just write the code. So after I tried myself in various professions, I decided to stop at frontend development.

– Anhelina, Frontend Developer

How has your journey been in the Frontend team at Ampersand so far?

My journey in the Frontend team at Ampersand has been productive and fun! I have learned a lot of new skills while working on challenging tasks by receiving knowledge and feedback from the team. We have regular team meetings where we share new ideas and suggest improvements. The team members are friendly and always willing to help. 

– Yaseen, Frontend Developer

The frontend team during their monthly catchup.
We hope you enjoyed this insight into working in our frontend team! We’re currently expanding our team by recruiting for new frontend developers, you can view the vacancy listing here.