The Making of Made .

Key Accomplishments

  • Developed on Magento Community, later migrated to Magento Professional
  • Site launched on time for big PR and marketing push
  • Bespoke modules: Product voting system, cashback referral scheme & ‘Being Made’
  • Highly successful, the team grew 3x within first year
  • Trained the team to take their Magento development in-house
  • Won 5 awards in the Retail category from 3 separate ceremonies in 2011
The Making of Made
The Making of Made
The Making of Made
Ampersand put together a solid solution for the initial launch of Made, and then implemented it to a very tight deadline. This would not have been possible without industry-leading knowledge of Magento, and certainly not without such an ethic of organisation & professionalism. Andy Skipper, CTO,


Smart consultancy to kickstart's unique business

In the beginning...

Based in London and Shanghai, make designer furniture accessible to everyone. By cutting out the middlemen, they can offer prices that are 70% lower than the high street. A democratic voting process allows customers to choose which products are to be manufactured next and advanced order management allows customers to trace the progress of their order through manufacturing and the supply chain. approached us during the very first weeks of the business, in February of 2009. With a definite and very tight deadline, we were tasked with completing development in time for an already scheduled, large-scale PR and marketing push.

Project Objectives

  • To develop on Magento
  • To launch site within budget and on time for planned PR and marketing push
  • Create bespoke modules: Product voting system, cashback referral scheme & ‘Being Made’

Consultancy Outcomes

  • Solutions Architecture
  • Infrastructure Audits

Planned Partnerships

planned partnerships

Meticulous development in time for planned marketing campaigns has a strong focus on digital marketing. We developed a completely bespoke reporting facility allowing to track KPIs and easily produce and export customised sales, visitor and customer reports from within their Magento admin panel – providing them with the ability to analyse the performance of each of their marketing campaigns individually.
Josh Di Fabio, Senior Developer
Ampersand Commerce
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The project required significant bespoke development; including a CMS, front-end development, a cash back referral scheme, a custom checkout process, integration with OpenERP for the tracking of product manufacturing and supply chain progress, and the creation of a product voting system.

Through thorough planning and hands-on project management, we delivered the initial release of on time and within budget on the Magento Community Edition, later re-platforming on Magento Professional.

Post-launch we worked with the team to deliver regular, incremental releases using a broadly Agile methodology and robust automated testing suites and deployment processes.


Powerful integration with trusted partners chose industry leading partners to integrate with in order to improve customer experience and back office processes. One of the integrations, named ‘Being Made,’ tracked the journey of products for the customer from manufacturing plants to the warehouse to their doorstep. This bespoke technology was built as a Magento integration using OpenERP for supply chain management and Realtime Despatch for warehouse management.

Enterprise Resource Planning OpenERP
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Fast-response support around the clock and the globe

24/7 Customer Support support-map
The almost immediate popularity of meant that it grew from a very simple Magento installation to a complex multi-server environment in a very short period of time.
Iain Hubbard
Development Manager
Ampersand Commerce



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