How our Accelerator programme can support Private Equity firms’ growth 


A tale as old as time, Private Equity (PE) have invested in retailers for years. The rise of online shopping has provided another area for investment agencies to expand their portfolios in a sector that typically offers strong returns. But as with anything, high reward usually means high risk. The retail sector continues to grow, seeing a 4.7 percent increase in the UK in 2022, meaning it’s more competitive than ever before.   

Consumers have more options than ever, and retailers must find a way to stand out from the crowd by offering an experience other brands can’t. This can be tricky for any business, including PE firms. Are you questioning how to make the most of your investment and how to scale your business without absorbing huge costs? Our Accelerator programme offers a solution that considers speed, resource and cost when replatforming.   

In this article, we’ll address common areas of concern for investment agencies and how our programme can support your goals.  

How can Private Equity firms keep up with the competition?   

In any industry, competition is commonplace. But with the boom of eCommerce followed by the gradual return to the high street, the digital landscape is now overcrowded. The retail sector, both traditional and online, has always been a common area of investment for Private Equity firms. But with competition fiercer than ever, you may be left wondering how you can maximise investment during challenging circumstances. 

“D2C remains a promising opportunity but the market conditions have changed in the last 18 months. Brands are increasingly looking to connect with consumers across all channels which, alongside online, includes creating in-person experiences and opening their own stores, whether these be permanent or temporary. From an investment perspective, it is the brands who truly create, and connect with, their communities that will derive the greatest value in the medium/long term.” 

  • Dan Conboy, Director of eCommerce Strategy at idhl

You’re only as good as your website

In our fast-paced world, users expect responsive, sleek sites that deliver what they want quickly. Websites need to be easy to use, no matter how complex their operations. Brands that fail to deliver this won’t withstand the competition. The answer?  

Build a site that enables your brand to grow, scale and adapt. And do it quickly.

This, however, is easier said than done. With traditional build times taking close to a year to complete, building a solid site that can help your brand excel is no mean feat. 

Get to market fast with Accelerator

Offering a best-in-class, end-to-end eCommerce solution at speed, our Accelerator programme delivers a full site build in just 90 days. Providing a baseline platform to work on, the programme enables you to – at a minimum – match what your competition offers and often get ahead of the curve. With a solid foundation, you can build upon your new site as business goals evolve.   

Accelerator allows us to build bespoke sites that address the challenges you face in reaching your potential. Without this option, you may be stuck with an outdated and underperforming site which could lead to a lengthy rebuild. But we understand that there’s more to growth than just having the right platform. That’s why we take a deep dive into the interconnected processes and systems that feed into your site.   

Accelerator can support your growth  

We understand what it takes to create a successful eCommerce site in an increasingly competitive space. With a history of working with businesses undergoing investment, the complexities and nuances of scaling brands is something we are well-versed in.  

Our Accelerator programme offers a unique solution to high-growth brands that are looking to undergo tremendous growth at an unparalleled rate. With a breadth of partners and third-party integrations available through the programme, Accelerator offers brands a way to deliver optimal output at a rate that puts them ahead of the competition.  

In our next blog we’ll be discussing in more detail how Accelerator can support Private Equity brands looking to scale in the retail sector including: 

  • Scaling operations while reducing overheads  
  • How to keep up with technology 
  • Why our growth journey means we’re best placed to support you 

Take a read and get in touch to see how we can help you scale at a phenomenal rate.