Ampersand Class of 2019


New Year is a time for fresh starts, a “New You”, or even better, a new job. So we thought it’d be the right time to catch up with our New Starters from 2019. We spoke to Matt, Hannah, Evan and Santiago to hear about their first few months at Ampersand.

So, Class of 2019……What were your first impressions of Ampersand?

  • Hannah: it felt full of energy with friendly people.
  • Santiago: it was great and just what I was expecting. Seeing the team working on big complex projects inspired me from Day One.

What do you think about the office?

  • Matt: dead smart, very bright and colourful.
  • Santiago: very spacious and well-located.

How did you hear about us? What made you want to apply?

  • Matt: I looked Ampersand up in the Prolific North top 50 agencies after my friend had worked here. I applied twice for my role though! The first time someone else got the job, but I made it the second time!
  • Evan: I heard about the role from a colleague of mine. The main reason I actually applied in the end was because of the professional development you offer.

What did you think about the interview process?

  • Matt: I liked the phone interview; the challenge was much easier than the interview!
  • Evan: the 1-2-1 interview was great for me; professional and at the same time quite relaxed.


What’s your favourite thing about working at Ampersand? What’s the culture like?

  • Hannah: it’s young and energetic with a lot of fun stuff going on too.
  • Evan: I would describe Ampersand’s company culture as a perfect balance between product quality and personal wellbeing.
  • Santiago: there’s lots of smart people to get inspiration from! I interact with people from across the agency everyday. It’s a great mix.

How do you use your flexi-time?

  • Matt: I come in later and later as the week goes on!
  • Santiago: if I have to take my kids to school I can start a little bit late, or even better, I can finish earlier so I can spend more time with my family. Either way it’s a win.

What has been the biggest challenge joining the team?

  • Evan: familiarising myself with new systems and processes
  • Santiago: finishing university and starting work!

What would you say to someone who was interested in joining? Any advice?

  • Matt: there’s a lot of new work coming in so plenty of opportunities to get stuck in. There’s also a lot of change happening in the front end world at Ampersand. Get involved!
  • Hannah: it’s a great place to work and learn. There are plenty of opportunities to develop your career
  • Evan: if you’re a senior developer and you’re looking for a new challenge, Ampersand would be a great fit.
  • Santiago: it’s a great place to work, either as a graduate or senior developer. Apply and you won’t be disappointed.

What three words best describe Ampersand?

  • Matt: fun, relaxed, friendly
  • Hannah: great place (to) work!
  • Evan: organised, flexible, teamwork
  • Santiago: freedom, opportunity, recognition

What are your goals for 2020? What are you most excited about?

  • Matt: promotion!
  • Santiago: to continue to grow as a developer

If you’re looking for promotion, opportunity, recognition etc.etc.! visit our Careers page – we’re hiring our Class of 2020.