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First things first, what is the AMP Score?

We first introduced the AMP Score in our recently released 2022 Online Retail Report. The report analyses 200 UK Retailers on the core tenets of online retailing and awards them with an AMP Score which helps retailers rank and benchmark their ecommerce websites against their industry competitors.

The AMP Score stands for Ampersand Multichannel and Pureplay Score which is an updated version of our historic scoring system, the Retail Matrix as our Online Retail Report now evaluates both multichannel retailers (those with stores) and pureplay (solely online retailers).

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So, what’s the criteria?

The AMP Score looks at 50 queries across the six stages of the shopper journey, Browse, Consider, Buy, Collect/Deliver and Return.

Here is a simplified breakdown of which features are evaluated within each stage of the shopper journey:

  • Browse 
      • Browsing speed
      • Store locators and geolocation features on desktop
      • Faceted navigation
      • Category breadcrumbs
      • Suggested search functionality
  • Consider
      • Stock information and stock checkers
      • Visual features on product pages such as user-generated images, video, image zoom
      • Product recommendations
      • Customer ratings and reviews
      • Wishlist functionality
  • Buy
      • Guest checkout and alternative login options
      • Alternative payment methods and BNPL options
      • Persistent cart
  • Collect
      • In-store click and collect (assessed with multichannel retailers only)
      • Locker click and collect
      • Speed of click and collect offering
      • Cost of click and collect offering
  • Delivery
      • Cost of delivery
      • Convenience and speed of delivery
      • Prominence of delivery information
      • Order tracking feature and prominence
  • Return
      • Returns information prominence
      • Cost of returns
      • Convenience of return eg. by locker or store

How is the AMP Score Calculated?

Retailers were assessed and given points against 50 criteria across the shopper journey. Our algorithm then calculated the AMP Score for each retailer.

As some criteria are only applicable to multichannel retailers, the formula was weighted to score out of 38.5 for multichannel retailers and 30.5 for pureplay retailers. The final AMP Score was calculated out of 100, using the following formulas: (=100/38.5*SCORE) or (=100/30.5*SCORE).

Benchmarking my business against others in my sector…

Arts, Crafts & Books – 51.3

Children & Toys – 60.4

Department – 55.2

Electrical & DIY – 62.4

Fashion – 57.8

Food & Drink – 47.4

Health & Beauty – 60.8

Home & Furniture – 47.4

Sports & Outdoors – 58.8

Calculate YOUR AMP Score!

We have put together a Google Form to enable your business to assess itself against our criteria and formulate your own AMP Score! 

The form asks you all of the criteria relating to pureplay retailers, each question is weighted with the same scoring system applied in this year’s Online Retail Report. 

The form will award you a score out of 122, this score then needs to be divided by 4 to give you a comparable score out of 30.5. We will then apply the same algorithm mentioned above, (=100/30.5*YOURSCORE) and email your score over to the address provided on the Google Form.

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