Best ecommerce monitoring tools for retailers


Ecommerce monitoring tools: Logentries

Send all desired logs to Logentries and read all of them using a web interface. While services like Zabbix mostly check the server status, Logentries allows you to read error and warning messages from the application, such as PHP, itself. It is vital to intercept these messages in order to troubleshoot the application.

Ecommerce monitoring tools: New Relic

New Relic runs inside the servers and monitors the application. While it will report basic stats like the disk space or the CPU usage, its main job is to report how well the application is behaving. It also monitors the service response speed and the number of requests per minute. It can be configured to send alerts when a threshold is reached or an error detected.

Ecommerce Monitoring tools: Scriptrock

Scriptrock checks if there are differences between servers which should be identical. It can detect if a configuration file has been changed, a user added, a port opened, a service stopped or started, or packages installed at different versions.

Ecommerce monitoring tools: Pingdom

Pingdom does a basic web check from outside and return the status of the web page from the service (ok, unavailable, error). You can configure Pingdom to check specific URLs and set up specific alerts.