2020 Multichannel Retail Report

Ampersand produce the Multichannel Retail Report every year, our next edition of the report will launch in February 2022. If you would like to ensure that it arrives in your inbox, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter.


You can still access our 2020 report now to get:

  • Insight into the multichannel capabilities of the UK’s top 200 retailers
  • The tools and data to benchmark your business against multichannel criteria including on-site UX, click and collect, delivery, payment and checkout
  • A 32-page report + the complete multichannel rankings

The results are based on Ampersand’s Retail Matrix, a scoring mechanism designed to rank retailers based on the core tenets of multichannel retailing. The unique Ampersand Retail Matrix score for each retailer is taken from a comprehensive scoring algorithm, based on the core tenets of multichannel retailing online, which rewards retailers for convenience and customer experience.

Darryl Adie

Customers want fast delivery, simple returns and more tailored, personalised interactions with your brand. This year’s winners have invested in the technology that delivers on these demands.

Darryl Adie
CEO, Ampersand