Our Services & Process.

We pride ourselves on our technical ability, transparency and communication skills. Whether you are technically minded, or not, we speak your language.

Our services are a process. We are with our customers through every step of a project; starting with consultancy to design solutions, development to deliver those solutions, integration to add value, and support to ensure stability and availability.

Click the diagram to see a detailed example of how a project typically flows from start to finish, and read below for more details about each service.

Our services and process.
Ampersand Commerce took the time to understand the scope and complexity of the SKINS business, creating bespoke add-ons within the Magento platform to handle multiple warehouses, price lists, languages and product display requirements. Grant Bayley, CTO, SKINS


We’re a trusted source of expertise to international multichannel retailers. We work with customers to identify problems and design solutions.

A successful project starts with a strong partnership which is built by trust and transparency. First, we get to know your brand and your business goals. Then, we work together to design solutions that deliver measurable value, optimise business processes and leverage the full capabilities of Magento Enterprise. Whether you need to assess the feasibility of a new Magento-based solution, or reach an impasse with their current solution and need guidance on how to move forward, we can help.

Magento Enterprise Consultancy

  • Solutions Architecture
  • Code Reviews
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Infrastructure Audits

Project Discovery

  • Statement of Works
  • Technical Specification
  • Functional Specification

Programme Management

All of our projects involve a high level of interaction with external agencies including UX, design, SEO, SEM, marketing, social media and copywriting. We have a deep understanding of how these functions fit within a project, and manage all aspects as part of delivery.



We truly understand Magento, multichannel and ecommerce. We develop robust systems for delivering elegant, scalable solutions to complex customer requirements.

Our development method is based on transparency, communication and defined milestones. Because of this, our customers trust in our ability to deliver extensible, scalable solutions. We do all the things you’d expect of an enterprise-focused development house; we use Subversion to store incremental versions of development changes and an automated deployment process for development, staging and production environments. We create defined, measurable projects that are divided into distinct work packages. These are broken down into appropriate cases in our bug tracking system, giving our Project Managers a clear basis on which to deliver updates to customers.

Our Process

  • Internal Coding Standards, Zend, W3C
  • Daily "Scrum" Meetings
  • Versioning (SVN)
  • Sprints
  • Continuous and Automated Testing
  • Performance Testing Post-deployment
We are committed to excellence, from both a technical and delivery point of view. The senior development team and management team meet regularly to review potential improvements to our processes - ultimately benefitting our customers.
Joseph McDermott, Senior Developer
Ampersand Commerce

Project Management

Our project managers make sure a project stays on track and within budget, managing priorities, timelines and expectations. We follow a combination of PRINCE2 and Agile methodologies. PRINCE2 guides the project through a controlled, well-managed, visible set of activities and stages ensuring approval is obtained for our work and for the production of key documents, including project management documents, at agreed times. Agile development provides the project with clarity of outcomes and transparency of performance and enables rapid, flexible and effective response to change.

Meet our Project Management Team



We have a robust, testable framework for systems integrations. We work with customers and industry partners to build and integrate multichannel systems.

We have built a powerful framework for Magento integrations that allows us to develop robust, transactional interactions with other service providers. Using this framework we can extend, support and upgrade users of our modules. The framework also provides our customers with real-time transactional message history for all systems. We regularly build enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and payment gateway integrations as part of larger solutions for our customers, and have exclusive agreements with a number of service providers to develop and support Magento integration modules for their APIs.

The Ampersand Integration Framework

The Ampersand Integration Framework.

Integrations We’ve Built

Integrations We’ve Built


We offer monitoring and support through a dedicated team and automated systems. We ensure stability, availability and scalability for all of our customers, at all times.

All retailers strive for 100% uptime. What’s important to our customers is important to us, so we only offer a 24/7/365 support package. Included in that package are 48 Helpdesk hours per month. 25% of those hours for the current month can be carried forward into the next month. Additional support hours can be purchased separately, if needed. Our customers can contact their helpdesk at anytime by telephone, email or through Zendesk. Our dedicated support team will respond and update within an agreed SLA.

Each month we provide a support services report that itemises Helpdesk issues raised, open and resolved and also changes raised, open and resolved.

The services provided as part of a typical support contract include:

  • Responding to production server alerts and downtime
  • Maintenance Activity
  • Helpdesk Services
  • Small Change (including Development)
  • Consultancy

Meticulous monitoring for multichannel retailers:

We use Zabbix to pro-actively monitor servers, environments and application layers. Zabbix monitors hundreds of server metrics, to pro-actively flag issues that could potentially prevent access to services or a degradation of the user experience. We use Pingdom for reactive monitoring. With Pingdom, any problem with your website will be discovered the minute it happens and our team will respond within your SLA. We use New Relic on production servers for preventative monitoring. New Relic tracks processing time of PHP, Memcache and the database as well as DOM processing time and total load times.

Magento Enterprise Support