Will The Cloud Replace Dedicated Or Hybrid Hosting in 2013?

Over the last few years there has been a surge of cloud technologies and related products in the industry, from hosting solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), to desktop operating systems such as Chrome OS.“The Cloud” is a term that we hear on a daily basis, and incorporating cloud-computing technologies into client specifications is a must for a successful pitch. But have these technologies revolutionised the hosting industry or even home computing, as we are lead to believe?


Will The Cloud Replace Dedicated Or Hybrid Hosting In 2013?


In my opinion the answer is yes, network infrastructure aside. Running an enterprise-level solution solely on cloud technologies such as virtual machines, arguably, isn’t feasible with the current costs of virtual computing, but those technologies have introduced a vast arsenal of augmentations that can be introduced into a solution, whether existing or in the planning stages, that can greatly effect performance, redundancy and overall smooth running of a hosting environment. The ability to have an environment online and configured on short notice – without the time honoured tradition of the Sys Admin provisioning checklist – means pro-actively adapting to the peaks and troughs of the market for ecommerce solutions doesn’t require a constant process of buying in hardware, disks and RAM to upgrade machines, nor the downtime.

When I think ahead for this year and consider what the big trend for 2013 will be, it is certain that “The Cloud” buzz word will stay with us and evolve further with new technologies to make it easier to move complex solutions into the cloud. Forerunners of cloud technologies such as AWS already have a huge offering of different solutions with integration possibilities and well documented API’s that leave this system administrator’s mind reeling from the possibilities. These technologies will only get better and cheaper as more adopt the move to the cloud.


Will enterprise retailers be more comfortable with solely hosting their ecommerce solution in the cloud?

  • I don’t believe so, but a great deal of the strain on dedicated hardware solutions is
  • beginning to move over to cloud computing services to allow those retailers to
  • compensate for an ever-changing market place. I predict that hybrid solutions
  • will still be seen as the standard for many, but as technology matures and grows our dependency on hybrid infrastructure, cloud services will certainly grow and mature.

The hosting industry is an exciting place, with constant innovation. I hope 2013 will prove to be as much a treasure trove of new technologies as 2012 has been.

What are your predictions?