Social Commerce: The Consumer Voice Is Still the Best Selling Tool

The term “Social Commerce” has been thrown around a lot since its arrival a few years ago.

It’s the modern technological equivalent of having a chat with a friend in the street on your way back from the shops. People trust their friends’ opinions and social networks like Facebook and Twitter make having that chat more accessible: Consumers are effectively selling the products and services to their friends.

The articles I have curated are from experts in the industry and they illustrate, with various statistics, how valuable a consumers’ endorsement is to the selling of a product or service.


Buy with Facebook?

by Oscar Trelles on eConsultancy

As Facebook develops its opportunities for business users by introducing its Enhanced Pages Targeting Tool, is it just a matter of time before users will be able to shop via their Facebook profiles? Oscar Trelles gives us a compelling proposition.


The Smartest Thread You’ll Read on Social Ecommerce

by Paul Marsden on Social Commerce Today

Smart thinking from 117-long comment thread on Chris Dixon’s site with insights on the future of commerce. Some of the most interesting comments are around how online and offline commerce need to complement each other by “combining online and offline experiences in disruptive ways… Offline commerce will serve only two purposes: immediacy (stuff you need right away), and experiences (showroom, fun venues)”.’s Facebook fans spend 24% more than non-fans

by David Moth on eConsultancy

How much value is the Facebook ‘Like’ worth? reveals their findings.


Commerce gets social: How social networks are driving what you buy

by David Rowan and Tom Cheshire on

This article is from 2011, but the proof still exists: Social sharing generates real cash: ticketing site says “one Facebook share of an event drives 11 visits to the site and generates $2.52 (£1.60) in sales, compared with $0.90 for an event shared on LinkedIn and $0.43 on Twitter”. Word-of-mouth is still the best selling incentive.



How to Create a Successful Multichannel Experience


Some terrific tried and tested tips from Warren Knight, B2B Social Media and Social Commerce expert, on why “Social Shopping” is the way forward for retailers.


Twitter highlights brand success stories to convince doubters


Not convinced social media platforms are a creditable source for gaining consumers? This article features success stories from some well known brands that may well change your mind.


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