Bauer Media Does Daily Deals .

Key Accomplishments

  • Simplified administrative access to multiple station websites with one login
  • Eased creation of new radio station and daily deals websites, with a shared code base
  • Innovative use of Magento for Key103 Deals and future station deals websites
  • Created CMS to easily input vendors and vouchers for daily deals
  • Built custom functionality for product scheduling and promotion
Bauer Media Does Daily Deals
Bauer Media Does Daily Deals
Bauer Media Does Daily Deals
Ampersand Commerce offer a refreshing and honest approach to development. It is clear from working with Ampersand that they know Magento inside and out. They approached our project with professionalism and vigour. Aaron Cornish, Commercial Web Team Leader, Bauer Radio


Consultancy lights the way for Magento innovation

In the beginning...

Bauer Radio is a UK-based division of Bauer Media Group, Europe’s largest privately owned publishing group. The Group is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations. Bauer Radio manage radio stations across the UK and Scotland.

When Bauer Radio’s commercial web team approached us in July of 2010, they had over 20 radio station websites with an equal number of logins. Management was a time-consuming task. The team enlisted our expertise to develop a solution that could manage multiple websites, ticket sales and reporting from one interface. In addition, Bauer Radio was eager to get on board with the daily deals trend, starting with Key103, one of Manchester’s most popular radio stations.

Project Objectives

  • To simplify administrative access to multiple radio station websites by using one login and a shared code-base
  • To create a daily deals functionality to be used on an initial website, Key103 Deals, with the ability to easily duplicate that functionality across other stations

Consultancy Outcomes

  • Solutions Architecture
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Infrastructure Audits

Planned Partnerships

planned partnerships

Development of a simplified interface and daily deals website

Thanks to the level of abstraction Magento provides in its modules and themes, we were able to provide an elegant solution that could be rolled out to multiple Bauer Radio station websites at the click of a button, each with their own look and feel, but all benefiting from the same core backend functionality.
Joseph McDermott, Senior Developer
Ampersand Commerce
Magento icons

Using the Magento Community Edition, we developed a solution for Bauer Radio that allowed for simple management of all station websites. This same solution was the foundation for Key103 Deals, allowing for simple creation of future daily deals websites.

Our solution utilises a single login with access to overall reporting pictures, making it possible for the web team to manage all separate brands with speed and efficiency. By sharing the same code-base and using a single instance of Magento, every new website possessed all common features in a single deployment.

After development, the Bauer web team were able to manage all front-end aspects of the deals website themselves. Through the custom entities we created within the Magento admin panel, the team could easily create vendors and vouchers with valid expiry dates based on the day of purchase, and promote chosen products on the homepage for definable time periods.


Easy marketing and secure payment through integration

Bauer Media were able to use the same payment gateway integration across all radio station and daily deals websites, streamlining accounts and backend processes. Also, integrating Silverpop into the CMS allowed for customised marketing of promotions and deals.

Email Marketing Silverpop
Payment Gateway SagePay
Integration logos

Support and monitoring

Due to the nature of vouchers going viral, and radio adverts promoting them, website traffic to a daily deals site is more unpredictable than a typical ecommerce site, so we made sure Bauer's servers could handle it.
Iain Hubbard
Development Manager
Ampersand Commerce



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